Bridging the $50 Trillion Global Infrastructure Investment Gap

Sovereign Infrastructure Group (“SIG”) is a global financing company that works with project sponsors and Multilateral Development Banks, as well as national and local governments, in originating and structuring infrastructure deals across Africa, Latin America, and in other growth markets using both debt and equity investments.

Risk Management

SIG uses a proprietary, internal investment selection process to identify, review, select, and execute participation investments alongside the Multilateral Development Banks. At each stage, from setting the parameters for investments to bottom-up credit analysis and Investment Committee deliberations, SIG assess the project’s macro, credit, and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Scale

SIG seeds, structures, and connects the private investment capital that the Multilateral Development Banks seek to mobilize. SIG’s strategy utilizes catalytic capital to provide local governments and project sponsors with access to the global capital markets, while supporting economic and community development goals.

Sustainable Investment

SIG invests alongside the Multilateral Development Banks, which promote environmentally sound and sustainable development in their countries of operations. SIG is a private sector partner committed to helping the Multilateral Development Banks and local governments
achieve outcomes consistent with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals by creating investment facilities that are market-based, scalable and sustainable.


SIG is committed to investing in innovative opportunities that provide double bottom line returns. SIG has the ability to draw upon the people, capital, and in-house expertise to deliver strong results. SIG partners with academic institutions, governments, non-governmental organizations and corporations to align financial and social incentives toward a greater public good.

SIG is the first U.S. private sector partner of the Africa Investment Forum, which is Africa’s investment market place – a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary platform dedicated to advancing projects to bankable stages, raising capital, and
accelerating the financial closure of deals.

SIG is also an official partner of Power Africa, which aims to add cleaner, more efficient energy generation capacity, as well as increase electricity access, throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Meet Our Team

At each stage, from setting the parameters for investments, to bottom-up credit analysis and Investment Committee deliberations, SIG’s investment teams and advisors assess the macro, credit, and ESG factors that may impact returns.

SIG leverages its experience and capabilities in originating and structuring infrastructure finance facilities with an emphasis on:

  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • Eastern Europe
  • South East Asia





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Washington DC Office: 601 13th Street NW Suite 900 South, Washington, DC 20005

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